This journalic space ( began as a documentation of my journey towards a doctorate but has now moved beyond to issues related to the academia like education and research. It was started primarily for my former MTh classmates, who expressed a desire to learn about what I was doing in my PhD programme. As a result, the content and language had (has?) a kind of specialist/insider feel to it.

However, through time this site became more than just about my quest toward a PhD. I found myself having to reflect on academic issues that were larger than just my research, all within the academic context. This space in effect changed from it’s PhD-&-me focus to a more Academia-&-me focus. (For a ‘Theology and World’ interaction (from an Indian perspective) see my other journalic space

The (implied) audience for this site still remains those who know me and my institution. I can’t believe anyone else would be vaguely interested in the full contents of these pages. There may also be a qualified affinity with other PhD students who accidentally hit upon these pages. More importantly, for ‘outsiders’, this site has value to see how a student attempts to do a PhD in Theology from India.

My quest for a Theology PhD in India is not uncommon, but I certainly see what I am doing as significant and meaningful. Whether such a move will be *visibly* beneficial to God’s mission, only time will tell.

Finally, these writings do not represent the formal opinion of the institution in which I study, namely SAIACS. Plus, if any inconvenience is caused to anyone please be assured that it is unintentional and deeply regretted.


Last edited on 4 April, 2016.