StudentsThe following is an excerpt from a letter by Karl Barth to Prof. Georges Casalis on 26 June, 1964. (Barth, “162a” in Letters 1961-1968, 167). I liked it because of its implications for educators/teachers and students like me.

Barth wrote this letter to Casalis, after an article titled “Students” appeared Le Semeur, a French Christian student journal, No. 3, 1964.

“…these students are people who neither can nor will study. Work bores them… this does not prevent them from acting like gravediggers [studying dead philosophers who have nothing of value to say, even]… Barth–myself. And to call all this “the search for a new ethics!” And to publish it all….
“What does all this mean? I implore you… to try to make these poor sheep understand–by your teaching and example–what it is to study, not in order to pass examinations, but because of the necessity and beauty of serious and regular intellectual work the savor of which seems to be strange [to them].”