I just submitted final grades for the last time. This means that today marks my last day teaching online. :( For the past 3+ years, I’ve been an online adjunct faculty member at a university here i…

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This above article represents the voice of those who have “tried and are still negative” about online education. Admittedly, they are rare. And unsurprisingly I am biased towards it.

Nevertheless, one significant point in the article is to highlight that “learning experiences” are more important than getting the right answers etc.

This above is such an important point that it applies to all on-campus learning, not just online learning. I doubt many of us teachers focus on the learning experiences of our students… instead, many of us focus on getting the message/ideas across, or even ensuring that the students perform to the best (or better) of their capacity.

In contrast, the focus on learning experience is not just student centred, but enables the focus to shift from what is being taught to how it is being learned/apprehended. The struggle and eventual success of finding a book in the library, is a learning experience. The disagreement with fellow student, and then suddenly seeing his/her perspective, is a learning experience. Changing my mind by adopting a new idea, is a learning experience. Even getting questions, real questions, answered is a learning experience.

That is, and should(?) be, the focus of education. Too often however we ignore and/or bypass and fail to evaluate of these learning experiences, and rather we stick to the traditional approach of “testing” (assignments included).

Can there be an improved focus on the learning experience by the students, in classroom teaching? Can there be an improved focus on the learning experience in online education?

Good questions, no answer just yet.