I realised that I haven’t actually noted that the book is released on this blog, and so here’s the announcement. A little late, yes, but still… it is exciting. :)

What is Religion? A Theological Answer

What is Religion? Front Cover of the South Asian edition

The South Asian edition of my book, What is Religion? A Theological Answer is finally out. While the first time I held the Wipf & Stock edition (2013) was exciting, this edition is very very special because it is a subsidized price edition that makes it more accessible to the initial intended audience.

The original Wipf & Stock edition and the South Asian edition are essentially the same, though the formatting of the South Asian edition is different (as well as the paper thickness) and so the number of pages of the South Asian Edition is more. The South Asian edition also has a few corrections, which I have informed Wipf & Stock about, and hopefully they will be correcting their edition as well. Details of the changes are in the South Asian preface. I am grateful to Wipf & Stock for entering…

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