I’ve much to say about Zotero… the free/open-source online bibliography-citation manager which I’ve been experimenting with over the past week. I’m loving it… but also coming to the stage where I am starting to see some of its limitations and the need for “workarounds.” One such issue is related to importing references to Zotero from Google Scholar.

For those who know Google Scholar, you may be interested to know that in the settings of the page, you can choose to enable the “import citation” field… to allow a small link that enables citation to be imported in various citation formats. If Zotero is installed (in Firefox), then you can choose the “important to Endnote” option.

Magically (that’s the best word to describe Zotero, and I’m afraid I’ll keep saying it), you can get the citations of articles (and books) from the web in ONE CLICK! If you choose the “import to Endnote” option in the Google Scholar settings, it will automatically import to Zotero (after a one-time (“do not ask again”) access to Zotero).

Problem: However, this “magic” suddenly stopped working for me today… and everytime I clicked to import a citation, Firefox asked me to “download” the Endnote .enw file. I could import the Endnote (enw) citation file, but I much prefered the one-click solution.

Solution: I discovered that if you have the Zotero “Standalone” application opened… then you cannot simply import the Endnote citation from Google Scholar. To allow the one-click import to Zotero, you have to close the Standalone Zotero. Then, it works like “magic!” :)

Like I said, I’m loving Zotero. And will hopefully talk more about its use in the academic/education setting. For now, I hope this “help” is helpful.