It has always bothered me that this site (this blog) has been ignored by me and also by viewers. I hardly get any “hits” here… while my other blogs are reasonably well received. I wonder why, while living and breathing education, I have found hardly anything to write in this blog.

I think, my struggles to write and finish my dissertation was largely the reason for ignoring this site. And so, now that I have finished my dissertation (phew!!!) I think I am ready to restart my focus on this site. This site (blog) has the focus of issues in education, and particularly teaching. I guess, it’s about time I restart my focus on communicating, rather than just research!

Tomorrow, my seminary/college/institute where I work (SAIACS) begins a second-in-a-series of workshops focusing upon education. It’s a good place to start thinking/reflecting “publicly” on the proceedings of that workshop… to get myself thinking again on education.

Here’s to new beginnings.