I submitted my second draft of my dissertation without fanfare. When I submitted my first draft for my PreViva, it felt like a really big deal. I had finally finished my work.

But after the grueling PreViva stage, I made several significant edits, and then submitted again. This time it was supposed to be a bigger deal because this draft would go to the external examiners and determine the fate of my work. However, I somehow felt that after this draft, and after the examiners look at it, I would again have to make changes/alterations and it would be the final (third) draft that would be more significant. This draft just feels like a mid-way point.

However I know it is a really big deal. Just didn’t feel like it… because I was feeling cautious. I also enjoyed writing the acknowledgements page… partly because it was good to see free-flowing writing for my dissertation. Sadly, I missed an important name, so will have to correct that when I get the draft back to correct.

I do feel a little scared as well. I was disappointed with the PreViva because the comments were largely structural and there was very little engagement with my content. And I fear that now with specialists (theologians) reading my work, some content problems may arise.  So there is some anxiety within.

Currently, my Viva is set for 10 February.