A few weeks ago I got a mail from McGill University’s IT department telling me that on July 1 my McGill University library database id would expire. Since I was only a student at Presbyterian College till July 1, I knew this was inevitable.

The McGill library database was a immense collection of many e-resources that helped me supplement my other research. It was particularly useful when I was in Canada, but more so when I was allowed to extend my use by Presbyterian College for a year.

I used the McGill database primarily for its articles through google-scholar. It had a great feature that when I logged on to McGill, and then opened Google-Scholar, I could see which articles McGill had full-text access to. Apart from that, I really used the ProQuest dissertation database and also some ebooks.

Sadly, since I had been so busy with teaching in June that I wasn’t able to scour the McGill e-files for one-last run for more stuff. And silently it was all gone.

And now, I am a plain old PhD student from India without superpowers! :)