That Jesus did not choose only scholars to lead the Church is quite obvious; but of late, it seems that in the western church, scholars are the most influential in the church. Even in India, for anyone looking to make an impact in Indian church must aspire for a theological degree (the higher, the better). However, here’s an interesting article that challenges that mentality in the western context; urging non-scholars to take greater responsibility in the way the Church is going.

A response article in the emerging scholars blog:

My own quick response is that the need for scholars is different from the need to understanding God and His word more deeply. In the Indian context, most lay Christians are satisfied by just listening to their pastors preach; it is their main source of teaching. Even if they have their own bibles, rarely do people study it. Similarly, many pastors are themselves non-scholars, in that they too pass down knowledge that they got from other sources, whether their bible school or their own teachers, without serious study that is necessary to understand God’s word. The answer for India however is not that therefore we need scholars/theologians to run churches, rather more and more people must think theologically/more biblically/be studious about God and His word. Whether these students of God come from the lowest parts of society or the highest, the demand is the same; take God and His word, and His Church, seriously.