I am currently in Chennai doing some supplementary research at Gurukul Lutheran Theological College. Actually the full story is that I am running away from my college so that I can focus for two weeks on writing my chapter four. SAIACS is having so many activities and people asking me for one small thing or another, I really needed to force the issue and get out… to write. But back to Gurukul, I’d heard about this college from my Mentor, but actually had no idea about it. So coming here was a journey into the unknown.

Thanks to google-maps, I found out where it was. Even though I struggled over the one-ways to get there.

The Gate-guard let me in after I said I wanted to go to the library, and even helpfully guided me where I should park my bike.

The library was up, above the auditorium, I think, and so I had to climb a bunch of stairs to get there.

The library itself was a large one hall-size room, with a smaller level up for the archives.There were about four tables for reading/working, in the front, while the stacks were at the back. There were two computers for online catalogues (they used the same software as UTC), but when I did some preliminary search queries, I found it was best to check the card catalogue as well.

While the librarian was not there that day, another person (assistant librarian perhaps?) handled my admission to the library. I had a letter from SAIACS, plus my id card. I had to fill a form, and pay Rs. 50 per week. Also, I had to give a photocopy of my ID card, something I didn’t have on me, so I said I’d do it later.

There were limited plug points though, for computer laptop/notebook purposes, but that is just like UTC.

My first impression was that it was smaller than expected.  Upon glancing on the shelves, there was a lot on Luther and related subjects. So I know where to go, if I want to study Luther!

I immediately found the resources that I needed, which was what was important. And so since so far, the Chennai weather is not too hot, the library itself wasn’t that uncomfortable to study in.  I’ve already made some progress, and so, for now, this trip and library is very much paisa vasool.