Following up from the previous post, now you can ask how I’m doing. And the answer is… ok. I finished my chapter 3 a day before leaving for my christmas break. It was a huge relief, and I’m glad it’s over. Yes, I am happy with the quality, yet I am a little nervous about what my supervisor (mentor) is going to say.

Still, it was a job (well) done. I wish I could have finished it a few months before… and had time to revise my chapter 2. But chapter 2 revisions will have to wait.

For now, I am having a long christmas break and begin work on chapter 4 in January… then starts a marathon-turned-sprint to the finish. Deadline for chapter 5, June. Deadline for chapter 5, september.

Right now, this holiday, I need to finish one thesis grading… plus start thinking how I will structure my fourth chapter… honestly… I haven’t given much thought to it… hoping that it would evolve out of my previous chapters. Let us see if it actually does.

So… on that note… back to some TV watching…. and family time.