Earlier, I remember struggling with the question of how to get books in India. Today I have an answer. I ordered three books with Flipkart and they all came through (free delivery). Best of all, I could pay it through netbanking, using Indian currency. Also, the delivery was timely. The longest delivery was for a book that Flipkart said would take 21 business days. I didn’t count, but it was something like that. The other two books came, also as promised, within a few days.

The prices are still a little steep, but then these are new books. And books are expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if Flipkart started selling second-hand books in good condition (like Amazon).

Till then, must say I was really impressed with Flipkart.

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored message. After an excellent experience, I truly recommend flipkart for academicians in India.