I recently completed an article for the SAIACS Annual Consultation on Indian Christian Identity (to be held on 9-12 November, 2010). The conference looks interesting. But  somehow I feel I have lost confidence in my work and so am not so sure about my paper. My article is titled: “Nationalism and Communalism: Lessons from the Indian Christian rejection of the Communal Award in 1932.” I hope it turns out ok.

The feeling of uncertainty about my work and capability is only increasing after each month of unfinished work. The wry comments of people have increased… people saying, “you still haven’t finished”, or even “it must be nice that you can take such a long time doing your PhD.” etc etc. I wonder why I have not yet finished. There must be something wrong.

Hence the lack of confidence. But at least my article is finished. Hope I can get some strength, encouragement through that.