Usually after each ECC seminar/conference, they draft a statement that aims to reflect the themes, discussions and agreements of the meeting. The following is an early draft of that joint statement.

1. The ‘relational approach model’ as an emerging methodology was proposed.

2. The need for ‘transactional activity’ as an epistemic shift.

3. postmodern/postcolonial approaches are insightful and enriching research tools for biblical interpretations.

4. It is proposed that post colonial theory can be used as methodological tool for contextual theologies like Dalit, Tribal, Adivasi and Feminist.

5. ‘Oikumene’ as a theological discourse for methodological shift in ICT demands a move beyond ecclesio-centric and christo-centric approaches towards an eco-centric approach.

6. In doing constructive theology we need to be sensitive to the people and their need. The whole question of method lies in the fact of bridging the given truth with the context.