mcgillcrestIt was finally time to say farewell to McGill University. But I had no time to stop and be nostalgic.

My final day on campus began with a rush to catch the bus (which I ended up missing and thus had to catch the metro). Then I went to Presbyterian College for my final goodbyes, and meeting the Principal. After that I went to Birks Library to check out a book and I wanted a few pages photocopied from. At the building they were having a convocation lunch for the Religious Studies graduates.  No time to say hi to the few people I knew. I did call up a friend, to see if he was there, but he wasn’t.

Then I went to the McGill main library. On the way, McGill too was having their convocation. Farewells. Farewells. I reloaded my copy-card. Did some photocopies. And then returned my books. Tried to get a refund from the copy card, only to realise that they don’t refund. Hmmm. And rushed to catch a bus (which I caught) to get home in time for some last minute packing.

Looking back. I would have loved to linger. Spend some time chatting with a few friends that I made. And even chat with a few faculty at the convocation. I would have even loved to have a final snack at the McGill *expensive* cafeteria. Browse a few books. Sit in my favourite seat at the library. Spend some quiet time at the Birks Chapel. And thank the librarians, especially at Birks and McGill, for being so helpful.

But I couldn’t. And as the bus sped past McGill. I just had the chance for one last look. And a silent good-bye.