christianOn May 7, 2009, I attended the Presbyterian College Convocation at the St. Andrews and St. Pauls church. While I wasn’t quite finished with my chapter by then (only editing was left), it still felt like a completion for me as well.

The graduation ceremony was not unlike SAIACS; though a little simpler perhaps, with fewer events. But there were three honorary doctoral degrees, that made the service similarly long.

On the whole, this too was formal, though there was a lot more visible celebration and joy, more that the formal SAIACS graduation. ie. there was waving and hellos while the students were marching in. Plus a few sectional standing ovations by the congregation for some students.

One thing that I did appreciate about the ceremony was that only the faculty who were involved in the service were in front (and that too at either side), while the remaining faculty and students were seated in the front rows, along with the audience. This is something I feel very strongly about and wish for SAIACS. How cool would it be if the SAIACS faculty joined the students, seated together!

However, I guess SAIACS has its own rationale for its ways. And perhaps one day I too will see it.

The sermon was about speaking in the storm… amidst affliction, like Paul. A good theme, but because it was the final item of the night, it came too late and I must admit that I wasn’t able to follow along all the way.

Finally, I enjoyed the evening for both seeing students like graduate as well as recognising the ending of my time here in Montreal. And I praise God for carrying so many of us students through significant portions of their academic and spiritual careers.