penI have till the end of March to finish my second chapter on the “Method for a theology of religion”. I have my outline, meaning I know where I am heading. However, the actual implementation of those ideas on paper is not as easy as thinking. So my end-of-March deadline is actually very soon. The rush is that in June I head back to India, which leaves only April and May to submit to my supervisor, get his comments, incorporate those comments and also do supplementary research for my other chapters. Not much time indeed!

Currently, however, I also face the distraction of editing my first chapter before giving it to my supervisor. It’s a distraction because I’m continuously changing it, trying to improve it. It certainly looks better today than it did few weeks ago when I “finished” it. But there should be a limit on editing!

In addition, I am slated to present a paper to the McGill Graduate Student Conference next week. While it is a short paper presentation, I can’t help but feel that I could do without that distraction at the moment. If only it was in April or March!!!

So anyway… at 2:00am, I’ve still been working… and am going to wind-on soon (this post, I guess, is the beginning of the wind-down process).