concordiauniversityThe last week has been really busy with me spending a lot of time reading and re-reading Bernard Lonergan’s Method in Theology. The occassion was a chapter summary (Dialectics, Chapter 10) that I had to present for the class I am attending at Concordia University. It’s a class I am only auditing, but I wanted to do the “class work”… and presenting was part of it. Anyway, I realised that I had only skim-read Lonergan earlier and so spent a lot of time understanding what he really meant in the earlier chapters.

The other reason I spent so much time on Lonergan is because I’ll be using some of his ideas for a part of my chapter 2, and I wanted to make sure I understood him correctly before applying his work in mine. I think that part is almost successful. I will be ready to integrate his work soon.

However, before I start writing chapter 2 of my dissertation, I have to work on my other article, where I research Balagangadhara’s ideas of ‘ritual’ as a contrary to ‘religion’ for a graduate student conference that I’m attending and presenting in at McGill in early March. I hope that paper too will help me in the section I use Balagangadhara’s work.

I remain disatisfied with my progress though, I wish I was faster. But these things take time, something that I’m feeling that I have less and less of. Anyway, the Lonergan summary is posted in the following blog, if anyone is interested.