penOK. I know a PhD students blog can be depressing, especially since it is loaded with guilt and unfinished tasks. However, at least there are (or should be) moments that are more positive. This is one such moment.

I can positively report that I have finished my first chapter. While this is only an early draft, and will significantly change when I do my later chapters, this is still a huge progress, and sets the tone for the coming chapters. My first chapter is the introduction, which states the problem facing the concept of religion and shows the need for theologians to answer the question, “what is religion”.

Now it’s time to focus on chapter two, and finish that at the earliest.

Or maybe, now is the time to pause for a second in celebration… yippeee!… thank God… (yes Lord thankyou)… and move on to the rigours of chapter two! :)

My goal to finish chapter two was end of Feb, which seems unlikely because I do feel I have lost some time, but it should not extend beyond the end of March.

Metric version of Robert Frost: “…Kilometers to go before I sleep, and kilometers to go before I sleep. “