Concordia UniversityThe winter session here begins the writing-my-dissertation phase at Montreal in earnest (ie. earlier I was in the get-all-the-exposure-you-can phase). As a result, the only class I am currently attended is a Masters course at Concordia University (also in Montreal), entitled “Method in Theology,” taught by Professor Paul Allen.

While I have done a Theological Method course at SAIACS, what excited me about this one was…

i) it’s finally a “theology” course (which is unlike the (objective) Religious Studies courses I have been attending in Montreal),
ii) it’s in Concordia University… which is much smaller than McGill, but also has a rich heritage (even if they have a chip on their shoulder about their elder sibling)
iii) It’s in the Theological Studies department at Concordia, which is a mix of Catholic (Jesuit) and Protestant influences (a very small building, but looks like they have excellent committed people).
iv) I would be studying the work of Bernard Lonergan, who some say is the Karl Barth of Catholic Theology.
…and so many other reasons (including that Paul Allen seems like a really nice guy).

Basically, it’s one Monday evening class a week, at Concordia (which is a short bus-ride from McGill). It caters not only to Concordia students but people who have full-time jobs and only have time to study in the evenings. We will be going through Bernard Lonergan’s book Method in Theology, chapter by chapter, though the focus will be on issues pertaining to theological and research methodology (something I am quite keenly interested in and look to strengthen back at SAIACS). Plus, since I’m currently on my early chapters in my writing phase… some ‘theological’ methodology could be quite helpful.

We had our first class this last monday and I must say that I’m quite looking forward to it. While I have excused myself from written assignments, I’ll be participating in class discussions and even doing an oral presentation on Lonergan’s chapter 10… on Dialectics! Quite exciting!