booksThe Winter Session is something I didn’t really understand until I got to a western university. I have learned that usuually a western university has two semesters/terms… the Fall and the Winter. It’s odd, since in India the Fall would sound like the winter term since it ends in December and the Spring/Summer would be the one that begins in January because it ends in April/May. But that’s here. (In SAIACS we have three terms… but that’s another story).

So anyway, the new year (2009) began with the Winter Term. There are new classes and programmes, but this term I’m keeping my involvement at McGill to a minimum. I’ll be attending whatever seminars/chapels I can attend, but I am not attending any McGill classes. I am attending one class (Method in Theology) at Concordia University (a few kms down the road from McGill). I’m looking forward to the Concordia experience because it gets me into another university as well as towards a more “theological” outlook. Hope that turns out well.

Also, I plan to spend some time in Toronto… already I have two seminars lined up in the end of Jan… (so I’ll be using hte library as well as attending those seminars) hope that turns out well too.

My academic plan for this term is to finish first two chapters before I head back to India… it’s tough… it actually is… but I’m hoping to do it. I have to finish by the end of February? so that I can give my chapters to my supervisor… so that he will have time to read/correct etc. So that’s that.

I feel I’m progressing… but there is so little I have actually “written” that it feels that I haven’t progressed at all. All I can say is that I HOPE it will all turn out well in the end. How will it? It’s a mystery!