mcgillcrestExam time is around the corner at McGill and it is interesting to see how full the entire library is. I was trying to find a power point (for my laptop) on the library ground floor and couldn’t find one… they were all being used and there must be more than a hundred power outlets on the ground floor alone! I ultimately found one near a sofa-seating area (no desk), but that was enough.

McGill also has plenty of computers connected to the internet for student use. Many students who do not have laptops (yes there are students who don’t own personal computers) depend on these McGill facilities. While the picture below is blurred (and rightly so) it shows how full one of the computer labs is. In fact, I was surprised/shocked to see a “line” (you can’t see it clearly in this photo, but there are people waiting in line) to use the computers. Students often wait for 10 even 15 minutes, just to get a workstation.

McGill Library Computer Lab