christianIn today’s (3 Dec, 2008) post-chapel programme at Presbyterian College, Roland De Vries presented his views on how to discern God’s call while applying for jobs. He urged for need to “Be Professional”; which is basically being clear about presenting who you are and why you are applying. In addition, he said there was also a need “Not to be professional” which was basically to say that career advancement, salary, spouses desires, other practical needs, etc etc, should not be the controlling criteria for seeking God’s will but rather an openness to allow God to challenge our comfort zones. Roland then went on to share how God opened up a out-of-expected ministry avenue for him and his family.

The question/answer time was interesting… where the majority of people picked up on the suggested idea that spouses are not involved in the decision. Roland didn’t help his case by appealing to traditional presbyterian logic of how man (like his father) decided and his wife followed. But actually he agreed that God calls both minister and spouse, but stressed that the call of God is not the same as practical needs, and we must remain “open” to listen to God apart from natural human/logical needs.

Dr. Dale Woods (head of pastoral department at Presbyterian College) interesting drew attention to the idea that the call of God can be “costly” for the follower, rather than the worldly sense where the criteria is “advancement”. He stated that God’s costly call “can” include less money, children’s struggles in school, and even lack of spouse opportunities. However, to balance, he stated that we should be careful to ask “who is bearing the cost.”

Anyway, these are just quick thoughts… not new… but helpful reminders to some people… and some stage in their lives.