Well, to get the record straight. I’m actually not a registered student at McGill. I am a doctoral exchange student at The Presbyterian College, (PC) that is affiliated with McGill. I am also involved in the Religious Studies doctoral programme as an independent researcher, able to participate in the doctorclubs and use the research facilities. However, because I am not a registered McGill student, currently I have limited McGill oriented rights.

So my first day was a learning of this. My main goal today was to meet up with Dr. John Vissers, the principal of The Presbyterian College (PC), and then get my McGill research privileges. The meeting with Dr. Vissers went really well, and while he did admit that at least in his tenure such an “exchange” never really took place, he made it clear that he would do whatever it takes to make it easier for “PC” to help me in my research. I would have the freedom to take part in whatever programmes I choose or do not choose; free to attend the chapels if I can as well.

McGill university library however expressed that they would only be able to grant me a library card, if I had a letter from Presbyterian college, which I had. However, that card would entitle me only for check-out privileges and not the wi-fi and computer database privileges. That was a bit of a surprise for me, especially since I was hoping to hook up with the research facilities with my own computer.

After much discussion and searching, it turns out that I can apply for wi-fi privileges, if a member of the Religious Studies department in McGill endorses my application. “PC” once again expressed that they would help in getting this approved. I still do not know whether it will work out… but for now I am greatful to the PC for all the help the’ve put in.

Anyway… the experience of entering McGill was great… they have a huge library… the multistoreyed (I think 6 floors) of books/journals etc… were just for the Humanities Section. Plus they have another smaller library building for more books on Religious Studies. And then, if I couple the access to the PC library, I have a lot to dig my teeth into.

The atmosphere at McGill is exciting; though with a mix of under-grad and post-grad studies, in various disciplines, it’s pretty clear that anyone can get lost here. I did, thrice! already.

But I eventually found my way. And here I am.

I’m sure there’s a lot more to share… in terms of experiences… but I think that’s enough for now. More later, when I have actually something substantial to report.