For those who may be following my blog, they may be surprised by the sudden influx of written material over the past few days. Actually, I was reading a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that reminded me of my circumstances.

Basically, I’m waiting for my dissertation proposal, which is on the coming Thursday, 13 March. However, while I’m waiting, I’ve been avoiding academic work and doing odd-jobs, here and there, mostly the work for SAIACS that I need to complete, but didn’t have the time to do. Also, I’m able to add stuff to this journalic space which was pending for a long time. Feels good to catch up a little; though it’s probably true that I would be briefer if I had less time. An idle mind is surely verbosity’s workshop!

Anyway, this “Calvin” cartoon certainly makes fun of me. And perhaps, that’s just what I need at present. :)

Calvin And Hobbes, by Bill Watterson