At 4:00pm today, as I distributed photocopies of my PhD proposal to the SAIACS doctoral committee, I was relieved more than anything. One year’s struggle was finally over.  Now I had finished and submitted, and only had to wait for my dissertation defence to be held in two weeks, on March 13, 2008. I am pretty confident that I will finally be able to start writing chapters for my PhD dissertation.

I’m not too worried about my defence, to me that was always the easier thing to go through. What I had strived was to research/and write such a strong proposal that I would know exactly where it was going, and how to defend it no matter what. I think I have achieved that.

This is not to say that my proposal is perfect. I can already see areas where I will need more focus. But that is the point of a proposal; to show where I am, and where I am going (and how). So that it can be critiqued (helped) by senior faculty. So, such comments I fear not.

Anyway… it is over. I have my topic… which I will post when I overcome my defense. But for now, after a long time, I’m going to bed early. And not feel guilty! :)