Today, at 7:03am, having worked my second all-nighter in a row, I can start to say that I have almost completed my PhD thesis proposal. There is still plenty of work left to do… but most of the work is that of filling in the gaps of certain authors, texts etc. Most of the meat of the proposal is already written out (yes, I’ve moved beyond conception to delivery!).

Right now I’m tired, and am going to bed. But for the first time, in a long time, I feel satisfied.

Just a note on why I’m working all nights… well, there are so many work distractions in college (SAIACS) during the day (right now the admissions process is underway), that I can only get work done when there are least distractions. (thankfully even my daughter has begun to sleep at night).

Anyway… last night (today) this worked. I hope I can take a few more days (or nights) and finish this thing!