Tomorrow (Monday 14 Jan 2008) I hope to get back to work. After a hectic Christmas season followed by a really terrible illness that has left me flat… I hope to get back to finishing my proposal. I have felt I was close to finishing for quite some time now… but not been able to provide the finishing blow.

First, I had to attend the SAIACS curriculum development workshop followed by the “use and abuse of the bible” workshop at ECC, Whitefield (will I have time to report about this???). Then, the christmas break saw a host of visitors… family and friends… visit us… and then, just as I wanted to get back to work… I fell ill.

Now… I feel a stranger to my work… but still need to make some headway… at least before I head for another… this time self-inflicted… conference in Delhi… on the Rethinking of Religion in India.

Oh! When will I finish… when will I finish???