For those who have been following this journalic space, and I can’t imagine who would be, I have been struggling to finish my PhD Research proposal this year. My deadline for my first draft was about a month ago… and I eventually finished a few weeks ago. My final draft deadline was today… but as irony would have it… the proposal that I was working on for over four months has been shot-down and I have to adapt/develop a new proposal.

Basically I had adopted a category oriented approach… where instead I was urged to choose a ‘person’-oriented approach. This I found out three days ago… and eventually, as much as I tried… I couldn’t get it done by today.

In fact, I think I need about a week or two to finish my new proposal. Of course it seems like as if a person oriented approach is simpler… it is certainly more manageable. However, the same issues… like a legitimate problem, research questions etc need to be applied… and that does take time. Most importantly, I need to revisit my literary review… and justify my choice of studying Chenchiah.

Right now, as it stands, my proposal will be a study of Chenchiah’s Theology of religions, and I need to see this in relation to his concept of “pure religion”. For critique I will be looking at Barth, Balagangadhara and the book of James (1:26-27).

So, I still have a long way to go… but thankfully I also have an extension. I guess, what will happen, will happen.