Well, my proposal draft was completed about two weeks ago. But I haven’t had time to write about it here because my wife and I have proposed our first thesis together, our little baby girl. We’re busy working on the first chapter… a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of research included! :)

¬†Academically, I wasn’t too happy with the final thesis proposal, as a proposal goes, thought I feel better about where I am conceptually. I think with a little more time (and that’s what’s happening right now), I should be able to sharpen my thinking and be able to defend it adequately before the SAIACS doctoral committee.

I need to have my thesis defense before 27 October, because one theology professor, Dr. Ian Payne, is giving lectures for this month at SAIACS and I do need some Theology perspective during my thesis defense.

When I asked Cor, my structural mentor, whether Ian could be present at the “defense” Cor aptly said, “Defend you?” In some ways, it may indeed be like that.

My proposal, because it’s range is so vast, may find itself weak in certain areas, and the strongest area must indeed by my theological method that brings it all together. Hopefully I can get that sorted within a few weeks.

For now, it’s back to some reading and re-reading, in preparation of my thesis defense. Hopefully I will be ready.