I’ve got a new deadline. I’ll be presenting a paper, “Balu’s thesis: and it’s implications for a theology of religion/s” for the SAIACS doctoral seminars (doktorclub) on 24 July. I’m hoping that my mentor will be present, as well as I will be able to get good ideas. This paper forms an important part of my to-be proposal, and it would be great to see whether my reading of Balagangadhara (Balu) and my initial estimation, that what he says does apply to my subject,  will hold.

Right now I’m attempting to finish my ‘thorough’ reading of his book, and I’ve got 2.5 chapters to go. Since this could safely be called his ‘climax’, I’m spending more time here.

Next week, I hope to finish writing my article, which would then give respondents about a week to read and interact with my work.

I’m looking forward to this and so I’ve sped up my reading and work schedule. I guess, deadlines do help! :)