Latest update: To answer the question about whether Amazon ships to India or not, I haven’t tried it, but their site: seems to suggest that it does… and it could take about 30 days with regular shipping. I would love to hear some real-experience of BOOKS being shipped to India; but below is just my struggles, from India, to get Amazon books.

Wow. I just received seven books that are really important or at least helpful for my Research Proposal from But honestly, I had to do a little but of wheeling-dealing to get it to where I am today.

Being in India, I’ve been told that there are problems with Amazon’s delivery to India. And, even if they can deliver to India, they don’t accept payment from India! Some such thing.

Well, a friend of mine was visiting in the US and so I ordered 7 books through him. I needed them urgently, so I asked him to go ahead an pay extra for quick delivery charges. Even then, Amazon promised to deliver only within 4-6 working days, with a slight possibility of a further delay. Sadly, my friend had only 6 working days in the US left, so we all hoped that Amazon would meet its commitment.

Well it did! Within 3-4 days, my friend had all seven books.

Plus, even though I ordered all second hand books, they were all in pretty good condition except one (which had a lot of handwriting in it).

My friend then promptly gave me the books upon reaching India, and so that’s that.

The cost of  delivery was about $7 per book (ie. total $49 total, which comes to about Rs. 2000). And on the whole the entire bill (inc. delivery) for these 7 books came to a little more than Rs. 7000. This is a little steep in my context, yet still a bargain considering the nature of the books and how much more I would have to pay for imported editions.

Anyway, all’s well that end’s well… but I can’t help but wishing there was an easier route to get books that I would want/need.