I’ve taken a self-imposed few days off, spilling over to the weekend, just to get ready for the new academic year at SAIACS.

Looking back, last year was one of the most difficult, and yet one of the best years in my rememberance for SAIACS. Somehow, regardless of all the events, God helped SAIACS move forward. This year is the consolidation, with a lot riding on it. With our principal, academic dean, dean of students, dean of chapel, registrar all in place… we finally start a year with almost every important position filled. It’s exciting, yet from my point of view, a little scary… because of the challenges that lie ahead. I hope everything goes ok… and I guess I know that in God’s will, it will.

Anyway, my own personal fear is going back to work on my PhD. I literally have a lot to do, and not enough time. In contrast to institutions who ask students to come up with a rough proposal and then start their research, at SAIACS I need to be very clear about where I stand and where I am going to proceed (without being close-minded). Basically, I have a lot more reading to go before I feel ready to present my proposal.

I would have therefore loved more time. Which, sadly, I don’t have anymore. As SAIACS reopens, so does the urgency increase.

Anyway… this short note, partly a confessional, and partially a herald to the next phase, is simply saying that there are still “miles to go before I sleep”