When you go on a hike you have goals for the day, like how many kms you want to walk, where do you want to reach etc. Oftentimes, the journey is tough, and the hikers even lose sight of the beauty around them simply because reaching the destination becomes important (even crucial). Then, suddenly it happens. The power-walk is interrupted by the site of a fresh water spring. Time to stop, you tell yourself. Fill your bottle. Wash your face. Relax for a while. Maybe eat a packet of raisins&peanut (incidentally a very good hiking snack). Basically take stock, refresh and continue on your way.  That’s where I feel I am right now.

Two days ago, from 7:00am to about 8:30am, I chatted with my mentor on Skype. I had presented a rough draft of my outline to him, along with a sense of where I was going the night before. And when we went through the outline together, we found many positive directions in my work as well as were able to correct/realign the focus. By the end of the ‘meeting’ I felt so much more positive and ready to face the next few weeks completed old tasks and taking on new ones.  I felt refreshed and encouraged.

Of course I have a lot of work ahead if I want to complete my Research proposal by August. Plus I don’t have the luxury of ‘holiday’ time anymore because SAIACS reopens on Monday, 4 June, and with the new academic year will come the usual distractions.

However, the past few days were good and I celebrate that. Fill my bottle. Wash my face. Take a breather. And proceed.