Currently, as I continue to work for my research proposal, I could say that I’m in the tunnel-phase… where my journey is long, dark and noisy. There’s the occasional light, but those lights are only the tunnel lights that lead me further into the darkness. I have no idea whether it is day or night outside the tunnel, and only the thundering sound of the train (of thoughts) prevail!

I am comforted that I am moving… forward… but whether I’m going headlong towards a wall, or down a cliff, I still cannot say.

Basically, almost every waking minute of the day is spent thinking about what I’m reading, and how to express it. I’ve got hundreds of thoughts floating in my head. I’m connecting this author, with that, this idea with that, etc, but I’m not getting the feeling that I’m making any positive headway in my proposal.

Most recently (today) I presented another rough outline to Dr. Kiran Sebastian (of UTC), and while he liked the direction I seemed to be taking, in the end he too felt that I was “doing too much” and my thought was both “perspective driven” and “too expansive.”

Anyway, I’ve got more reading to do, and much less time. Dr. Kiran did help though, but telling me that I was onto something (and I feel I am), but how to make this into a workable dissertation is still a mystery to me.

Back to work, back to work.