Well, last week was SAIACS’ Graduation ceremony. About 50 students moved on, with different degrees. While I was supposed to be focusing on my studies, but it was tough to focus with so much happening.

During the Graduation week I met with my on-campus mentor, Cor. I had put up a temporary proposal, and he went through it in detail asking me to clarify.

The next week, I started off with a long chat with my Mentor, Chris Barrigar, and we went through, step by step, and I reworked the earlier proposal and sorted out about three chapters. The remaining three were weak and I had to rethink, and that’s what I am currently supposed to be doing.

However… with graduation came the leaving and the parting of close friends… and now summer is really! upon us… and it has been difficult to spend full-time on work. Add to this, this long easter weekend, things have been pretty quiet in the research front.

But there’s always next week, and my goals are to get my fourth chapter sorted out conceptually, and then get back to my mentor.

All these are exciting and trying times.