Today was the first day of my class on Models of Contextual Theology. I was teaching the MA, 2nd year level students. There are 14 of us (including me) in the class.

Today’s main agenda was to communicate:
1. what is theology? And more particularly, that theology has a range of meaning, much like any other word.
2. What are some sources of theology? This second point I explained by using a popular bible passage, Mk 12 (the Widow’s offering) and offering an alternative reading of that passage, particularly from the ecumenical perspective.
3. Lastly, I used the class time to explain the course syllabus and requirements.

My impressions after teaching was that I think I cramped too much in too little of time. There was one student who gently told me that I was not giving enough time to reflect. Which was true. Instead, I think I steam-rolled the students from one major point to another, to the extent that the class was very much like… join in the thought, or be left out! Not a very healthy attitude, as a teacher, I must say.

So right n0w, I’m feeling terrible that I might have lost many of the students… they must already be wary of the course… and of the course expectations. Even though I tried to keep things “cool”.

Anyway… as my wife reminds me… tomorrow is another day… and another possibility for God to redeem human error!