Recently I was blessed with a really good OM Books Exhibition; I was able to buy some really good books for quite cheap.

OM Books is the major Christian publishing house in India (and was recently acquired by another publication house, STL I think). They had a really big sale in December 2006, and a lot of excellent theological books (for laypeople and students/scholars) were available for quite low cost. And by low cost I mean many books were available for less than Rs. 100 (under $2).

Of course in such exhibitions, we really need to struggle to seek-out the good books from the mediocre ones, but there were certainly a few gems. For instance I bought Craig Bartholomew et al eds., After Pentecost: Language and Biblical Interpretation (Vol. 2), for Rs. 75. Another friend of mine purchased Anthony Thistelton’s New Horizon’s for Rs. 100!!! Similarly, I bought John Thornhill’s Modernity for Rs. 216.

I don’t know how these books were available for so cheap, but I praise God for such gifts.

I understand that as I do my PhD from India, one of the biggest lack I will always face is in research resources. But I have see that while a huge gap certainly exists between Indian and Western seminaries, the gap is closing. With more and more initiatives such as these, really good books will be more accessible to common Indian students and lay people for an affordable price.