Today after working most of the day on my Exegetical paper on Acts, I saw the ‘proverbial’ light, though it was not of the ‘end of the tunnel.’ Rather it was the light that helps clarify things… but also the light that reveals why I’m doing all this. Basically what I’m saying is that today I got a sense of clarity about my paper (finally) and also was quite excited about what I was doing and had to be pulled away from my work… just because the library was closing! I’ve never felt like this for about a month… and it felt so good to feel it again.

Of course I’m far off from finishing this assignment, meaning there’s a lot more work to do. But now I seem to know (at least for the moment) where I am heading.

It did feel good to be heard… and follow some advice… and eventually (as a direct/indirect result) to pull through

What caused this? Well… I have a mentor (of sorts) who I know is praying for me. He was just available to listen (and not be judgmental) and also offered some useful advice.

Using an analogy, he said that an academician losing focus is light a sportsmen losing form (we cricket fans know that about our Indian cricket team, don’t we!). Well… what this person (and let’s just call him Doc) suggested that like a sportsman must still keeps his body (and skills sharp)… ie keeps practicing, keeps exercises, keeps at it at the nets… the form will eventually come and you won’t be caught off guard… ie. you will be fit. So he suggested that when I lost my focus and was unable to concentrate, he said that I could focus on reading/studying for about 20 minutes and then take a break. Even if it seems that 20 minutes mean nothing, it’s like exercising the brain.

Well… that was a few days ago… so I don’t want to be too excited. I don’t want to return to my ‘old’ ways… at least not this week… it is crucial that I finish my assignment soon. But it did feel good to be heard… and follow some advice… and eventually (as a direct/indirect result) pull through.

Thanks to all who have been praying for me. For indeed, it is by ‘grace’ that we have been saved. And it is by ‘grace’ that we live each day.