I hope not (in response to the heading)! At present, my primary struggle is preaching tomorrow morning at the SAIACS Chapel. I’ve already forgotten about my Acts 17 Exegetical Paper, and also I’m avoiding thinking about how I will lead my Church Care Cell Bible Study tomorrow evening. Of course I have some office work to complete, some ads, but those deadlines are later, plus on Wednesday we have an important Faculty Meeting… then of course the SAIACS Mission Conference is happening this coming weekend… and our cell group activities continue… hmmm. Am I overbooked?

Actually, I don’t feel overbooked, I just feel extremely distracted. And this journalic space… the very act of updating it… is an expression of my digression, my ability to get distracted from the task at hand.

In effect, the only thing that is pushing me right now is tomorrow morning’s deadline… nothing else. And thus, am I dead without deadlines?

OK… bringing back this post down to earth, I basically feel I need to learn to prioritise (who doesn’t), need to get a systematic routine (yeah sure!), and of course I need focus.

And all these dos, and don’ts in effect are exactly like telling a person not to sin; it’s impossible. Because the more we tell others don’t sin, fix your life… the more the cycle of guilt/shame and sin, continues… feeds on itself.

Right now, therefore, I admit, I feel trapped. By my distractions. And only the grace of God can save me now.