In my years as a student, I’ve found it harder to write short papers. I find myself doing a lot more work than is needed, and then in the end I find myself overloaded with ill-spent time… and having to cut the material immensely.

I’m currently in such a struggle right now. I’m supposed to finish a paper for my Greek Exegesis module. I’m supposed to be doing a 2000 word paper on any issue in Luke or Acts. I’ve chosen Acts 17, an interesting, yet highly complex text, especially in view of its implications for “religion.”

The subject is relevant to me, but the amount of time seems entirely disproportionate to the requirements. For instance, I need to limit my paper to about 6. And yet, my prelimary notes are pushing my paper near the 10 page mark, and I’m just half-way there!

I don’t feel entirely in control when I do this. But I also know that I need to use these opportunities to learn how to cope with these and similar issues. Afterall, the journey to the PhD is as important as the destination itself.