The previous post must have given the impression that everything was settled in my life. But that’s not entirely true. There are still somethings as refered to in my previous post: Namely World One (Greek Exegesis).

But thankfully, just yesterday world Two: My teaching requirements for MTh Theological Methods… meaning grading et al, finally finished, and I returned the papers to the students. I just have to submit the grades to the Academic Office.

The World One requirements, one 2000 page paper on any topic in either Luke or Acts, is before me. But I think I’ll do it on the concept of “gods”/idols in Acts 17… and that will give me some headstart to exegetical thinking on my PhD subject.

So, while I still need to finish World One (Greek Exegesis) requirements, still I’m thankful that World Three (Hebrew) and World Two (Theological Methods) have come to an end.

Of course, there are some website updates to follow up next week… and I might possibly be teaching in February… but let’s face those tasks when they come. As the previous post reiterates, now is the time for rejoicing. :)

ps. I know I still need to give a full detailed report on World Five (my PhD programme at SAIACS), but I’m awaiting on the confirmation of my mentor before I discuss that.