I know I haven’t updated this site for a long time. But that is not because I haven’t been working on my PhD. Lots has been happening; PhD wise… and I still await the green signal from my “mentor” whoever he is.

Right now, the big news for me is that Hebrew is drawing to a close. I’ve been doing Hebrew for almost three months. Next week Friday will be my major final exam.

While I have liked learning Hebrew, I have found it more difficult than Greek. Somehow, the main difficulty with Hebrew I think is the universal mindset that learning Hebrew is less important than learning Greek. I feel that is further reflected in the bias against the OT in favour of the NT. As a result, it is very clear that the pedagogical advances in Greek are much higher than in Hebrew. Hence even learning techniques/helps etc. are better in Greek. I even found BibleWorks for Greek easier than BibleWorks for Hebrew!

That said, I have really enjoyed Hebrew. And I think, like Greek, many of the lessons will stay for life.