Regardless of the micro-vision of my journalic space, it is nevertheless set in a macro-vision of life at SAIACS. And just over the weekend, my PhD concerns paled in comparison to the developments at SAIACS. [for a more recent update on the situation click here]

While I am hoping that only “friends” of SAIACS are reading this entry, still, I can’t be entirely sure, so I will not reveal anything more than to say that the SAIACS students and faculty, and all service staff, are pulling together, in sadness yet also in unity, to do their best to ride this tide. I know this particularly from the student point of view, where we are mostly saddened by the developments, yet are not discouraged. We still believe things can get better.

Regarding my PhD… I have now lost my on-campus PhD mentor and everything is back to square one… in the sense… that I can’t progress too much further without a mentor. Already, one name comes to my mind. But he needs to say yes, so I’m praying for wisdom for us all in this regard. [latest update: he said yes]

I am not anxious, because at present there is no urgency where I am concerned. I continue to do my Hebrew, and that will keep me busy till November. We are all concerned that SAIACS will continue to function well, and pray that the gaps that have emerged will quickly be filled.

The biblical passage that has really encouraged me at this time is Psalm 46.