I had no idea that my last post was interrupted because the (Indian government?) decided that the best way to talkle web terrorism was to block blogs. I only heard about it after all blogs were reoppened, but it was an interesting bit of news.

I would love to pin the blame for my lack of posting on the Indian government, but I can’t, and actually the problem has been that I have been caught between many worlds.

World One: My previous posts have been PDP(ii) posts, ie. Greek Exegesis. I was supposed to have finished my Greek module, but because of a heavy teaching load in August, I could not finish two assignments. By the first week of august I finished only one assignment and allowed Dr. Babu to count the other as incomplete. I thought that was it… since PDP modules are simply pass or fail, I was done with Greek Exegesis. But no, I was informed that I must finish my last assignment or else fail to gain credit for the entire month. The only concession was that I had flexibility and could finish by November/December.

World Two: This month (August 2006) I have been helping our principal Dr. Ashish teach Theological Method. Theological Method is an MTh (I) module and to assist in this module really an honour. However, it is also a “huger” responsibility. Meaning it was extremely tough to prepare for, and the workload, especially since this course is difficult, was quite high. Even though I only ‘taught’ for one week, I’ve been having tutorials and discussions with the students to help them understand and apply the course. This has really kept me very busy.

World Three: Hebrew has begun! Yes, PDP (iii) which is Hebrew Grammar, has begun with Dr. Havilah taking four students (including me) and two faculty (Dr. Babu and George Korah have joined). Interestingly, since I have done Hebrew before, I find myself recollecting more than I thought I would. However, approaching Hebrew now from a PDP angle (and post Greek exegesis) is exposing me to a complete new side of learning a language. I’m already seeing what I need to know, and how I need to learn it. This is not a “simplistic” learning, on the contrary, I seem to be understanding the language much better, seeing its relevance for the future. This is really exciting, but tough at the same time. Hebrew, I thought, was easier than Greek. But because I am more comfortable with Greek Hebrew seems extremely alien and hard. Hopefully in time I will find Hebrew a little easier.

World Four: Campus life… as faculty… at SAIACS… my role is to help mentor one cell group… and that has been taking up a lot of my time. But I’m seeing a lot of positive gain in terms of group management and dynamics. Within this I’m seeing my responsibility as ‘guide’ growing… and I’m able to revel in the responsibility entrusted to me, without being positionally autocratic or hierarchical.

World Five: And here is the most difficult of all worlds… but I can’t talk about it right now, because I’m very unsure at present. This is what I had said earlier (Saturday, July 08, 2006) that a lot is happening regarding my PhD but I need time to see how it unfolds. I can hint just this that my PhD at SAIACS is in jeapordy because of funding issues. Meaning the funders (Langham) are not willing to fund my PhD at SAIACS because I have an MTh from SAIACS. I need to have another university experience. I can understand the point, but I feel that stems from a misundertanding of my role at SAIACS. Still… because of the entire uncertainty surround this, I have to stop here. I must admit though, that I am very troubled.

More worlds intersect, but since they are unrelated to my PhD… I stop this entry now.

I will hopefully get back on track soon enough.