At the moment I am unable to log on to this site; and I don’t know why. But I’m able to update, so that’s what I’m doing in faith that it will all work out.

On Monday and Wednesday(Today) we had the last of the student presentations. Without going into the details, it was clear that while the MTh level expectations at SAIACS are rightly quite high, it is evident that our MDivs/BDs dont’ adequately prepare students for the MTh level. Almost all the students had heard about different methods in hermeneutics (ie. source criticism etc). But not a single one knew what they were in a practical sense. They did not know the differences enough to be able to explain them, and in effect, when something like literary criticism comes along, there is little understanding to be able to apply.

This I don’t think is the student’s fault alone, because many institutions, it seems, tend to focus on Notes/rote method of learning, where a student learns for exams, but little emphasis is given to applying the academics in a way that is practical.

I think the SAIACS MA does do that… and it is surely more ‘practical’ in the sense that what SAIACS teaches academically it expects to see in the student’s output through multiple assessment. But here too there can be much to improve.

Still, it was sad to see this disparity. But also encouraging that students are exposed to high-quality education. And thus will be pushed to aspire beyond what they thought possible.

Well… so much for this, hopefully this site will be working soon.