Student Presentation on Luke 2:1-40

In class we spent the first hour and a half in translating the passage. Luke’s greek is really much more difficult than John’s. In comparison to John’s gospel it felt like an advanced text book… and I haven’t even got to Paul and Hebrews epistle yet! which is supposed to be harder!

Anyway… the class was interesting. But the student presenter I felt did not have a clear methodology; ie. he said he wanted to do a historical study, and ended up doing a literary study. The point however that both can be (and often are needed to be combined) was not really communicated effectively, and so I feel my comment was a little distracting.

Regarding PhD level work though, I see the value of Docktorclub… where we critique each other’s papers. The reason I say this, is that the students in my class are MTh I… and the kind of comments I was making, I too would have found hard to defend when I was at that level. As a result, I find that I need to ‘restrict’ what I need to say, because my co-students are on an earlier road of development.

It is still a valuable exercise, where like my experience with ‘ecumenical methodology’ at SATHRI, I often end up learning how not to do things.

But if we have more doctoral students, sparring with one another at this level, presenting papers, could be quite exciting and valuable. An example of this was the previous day’s class, where my paper was ‘shredded’ by Cor/Babu as faculty. Their persective was really valuable, and in the safe environment of a classroom, quite helpful as well.

Anyway… there are many ‘kilometers’ to go before SAIACS reaches there. At least I can see its value and hopefully be part of the building process towards that.