My Seminar Presentation. My paper was a literary critical exegetical study of Luke 1:26-56. My thesis was that the focus of the text is about the identity and impact of Jesus.

No, I’m not going to talk about what I presented. But basically, today, Dr. Cor and Dr. Babu got on my case and pretty much discounted EVERY point that I was making.

OK, it wasn’t so bad, my main problem was that I did not do a good enough job to justify my exegetical claims. But I know I was wrong on quite a few counts, and clearly I had put ‘theology’ before biblical exegesis. In that sense, my paper was ‘pretty bad’.

When I wrote the paper, I was happy with its ‘shape’, though I did feel then itself that it was exegetically weak (sadly, it was supposed to be an exegetical paper!). But still, I learned a lot, but by writing and by being critiqued.

I also see more clearly why we theologians are accused of *not* being biblical enough. My exegesis was weak, even though I had quite a few ‘creative’ things to say that could easily have been extended into an academically sounding theology paper. Weak biblical justification doesn’t stop us theologians though, does it?!! :)

We theology students also don’t do enough group seminars. While, many students would fear/dread the exercise, still I believe it is such an essential part of being a student… the ability to be wrong… that I would strongly advocate more such exercises… for all departments.