Class Presentation: Kumar C. (MTh II) Guest Presentation of Luke 1:5ff Birth of John The Baptist.

Today we had a class presentation; and started the class with what we all dreaded; live translation. Most of us, I think, counted the verse we were supposed to translate (we were supposed to translate verse by verse) and quickly came up with a translation with any help we could find… I had a greek linguistic key, some were using interlinear bibles… and also english bibles. The process was long, and largely unhelpful, because I don’t think any of us had done the translation before class. To be fair, we weren’t quite clear what the expectations were, be I think we knew we had to be ready for this. So starting next week, we need to come with the passage translated from greek earlier. A lot more work, but makes more sense, and is more helpful.

Kumar C., a second year MTh student, then presented his paper, which as he later admited, was basically his first year paper reprinted; without too much updating. In that sense, it didn’t fully set the tone of what was expected of us students, but as Dr. Babu said, it provided a lot of discussion avenues, which is the mark of a good presentation.

Without going into the details of the paper, the exercise; class presentation by each member, seems to be the form NT department takes, and if it is done well, it seems like a good exercise for MTh level work. I would wish however that a little more help be given to some students who seem to clearly lag behind in theory or exegetical method awareness… but still, I guess throwing students into the deep end teaches (at least a few) how to swim!

On a more personal note; I have been physically unfit for the past few days; back ache, and a recently developed eye-ache. This is severly affecting my productivity and effectiveness. I have already postponed my seminar presentation from Mon to Tuesday. Can’t delay further (because even Paul had eye problems!!! :) )

Right now, I’ve almost finished my research, I have a basic outline, but I still have to start writing. Hmm. Welcome to PDPs.

On a different note; there has been a major development in my PhD studies, which will require a reflection entry, of a non-modular sort. Something like an interlude. This entry will come sometime soon, because it is a very important part of my PhD at SAIACS. When it will come, I don’t know, because ‘many metric kilometers to go before I sleep’! :)