This week I saw my ‘speed’ in greek translation improve. I was not only enjoying translation, but doing it faster. Of course, I’m not as fast as I need to be for my ‘exam’ which is next friday, but this improvement is good to see.

Dr. Cor pointed out that my strengths are creative thinking, but I need to work harder on the ‘donkey-work’ of detailed grammar checks. I guess that’s why I always prefered theology above biblical studies… simply because I’m more comfortable with ‘broad-pictures’ rather than details. :)

In comparison with last week, this week I took it much easier… and hence tended to procrastinate my work. The ability to do my work faster, saw me delaying my assignment to the last minute. I can see that in some cases quality suffered.

I must admit that I am a little afraid of the exam on Friday. Still, I know I have improved and so I face my last two classes next week and the exam with a kind of confidence that I never had before.

Stress-watch: I am also teaching three classes next week, and so I guess this coming week will be a bit of a stretch, work-wise.